You knew it as Aloe Drink For Life, re-discover our improved aloe vera drink for even more crunchy: Eloa!

Made with respect for the environment in Thailand in the heart of the plantations, the 100% natural pulp is harvested only a few hours before its packaging. The assurance of extreme freshness and incomparable crunch!

Refreshing drinks combining freshness and pleasure, real alternatives to sodas and other drinks too sweet.

ORIGINAL: Eloa is the core flavour of the range
LYCHEE: Sweet and delightful, Eloa lychee combines the crunchiness of the aloe vera fresh pulp and exotism of lychee.
LEMON: An explosive combination between fresh pulp of aloe vera crispiness and the lime freshness.
- MANGO: A small exotism touch with Eloa mango.

3 flavors are available in 350ml bottles (exclusive format for OOH): Original, Litchi,  and Mango.
The two flagship flavors Original and Litchi are also available in 1.2L format for home consumption!
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