Galvanina is an authentic Italian artisanal drink with a tasty and refreshing taste, made from carefully selected and cold-pressed Italian and Mediterranean fruits.

Made in Rimini, Italy, Galvanina soft drinks are organic and clean label and contain no preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors.

The range is available in 6 flavors for all tastes:

- LEMON: The must-have classic! A delicious sparkling drink with an intense taste of sun-drenched and cold-pressed citrus.
- BLOOD ORANGE: An explosion of citrus for an intense scent and taste!
- POMEGRANATE: A delight of freshness with tart and sweet notes!
- RED GRAPEFRUIT: The meeting of bitterness and sweetness!
- LEMONADE: The authentic Italian lemonade with an intense taste! A clever balance between acidity and sweet notes!
- COLA: A delicious organic cola without caffeine to cool off at any time of the day!

Available in 355 ML format in a reusable glass bottle with a unique embossed design.
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