Go Pure chips are not only very tasty, but also offer a lot of choice. Perfect for people who like variety. You can enjoy Go Pure chips at any time ! While reading or watching television. On your own or together with others. If you're in need of an energy boost or when you have a serious craving for something tasty. As a snack over drinks or on the side during dinner. Be inspired !

Irresistibly tasty delicious potato chips with an intense, full flavour. All natural and traditionally made : potatoes in their peels and hand cooked in 100% organic sunflower oil, so guaranteed to crunch !

The perfect veggie crunch ! Go Pure organic vegetable chips have everything : refined flavours and different textures. No wonder: each bag of Go Pure vegetable chips contains a rich arsenal of carrots, beetroot, the 'forgotten' parsnip and sweet potato. 

This vegetable chips combines the refined flavour of sweet potato with the freshness of tomato. A hint of rosemary adds a Mediterranean touch. These chips will have you licking your fingers! Obviously, all ingredients are 100% organic and the chips are cooked in small batches.